Our ministries

Weekly activities

Sunday services
Every Sunday morning and evening we hold worship services in the fellowship hall of the Rietvallei Reformed Church. Our resident pastor is Dr. Arthur Miskin.
Prayer meetings
Before Sunday evening services we hold prayer meetings. All are encouraged to attend.
Children’s catechism classes
We hold catechism classes at the church for the younger people every Sunday morning before the weekly worship service.
Adult catechism classes
We realise that some adult people may not have been fortunate enough to be raised in a church going family. Alternatively, we sometimes have adults joining us from other churches, who may not be fully literate in Reformed theology. For this reason we offer adult catechism classes, and all are welcome to attend. These classes take place on week nights, depending on the people involved. These classes offer an introduction to the Reformed Christian faith and take place in an interactive manner where questions are welcomed. If you wish to attend the adult catechism classes please contact the Pastor.
Bible study
We hold weekly evening Bible study sessions, where small groups of our members gather to study and discuss the Word of God together. There are various Bible study groups that consist of members within the church, who are currently studying different sections of the Bible or Bible themes. If you wish to join a Bible study group, please contact the Pastor so that together you may determine which Bible study group would be best for you.
Intercessory sms prayer
Prayer requests can be distributed by SMS. If you would like to have a prayer request distributed, please send a short message to Guy Stubbs 0824541028 or email stubbsgr@mweb.co.za Your message will then be redirected by SMS to all of those participating our prayer group. If you would like to join the group, please send Guy your mobile number.

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