About us


Our desire is to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ through the means which Christ has ordained, the preaching of the gospel and the administration of the sacraments.* We trust that the Spirit will use these means to equip all believers for works of love and service and also to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in our corner of the world.

In essence we want to be a Christ-Centered, Bible-teaching, Church family.

Jesus Christ is the centre of all we believe and do. He is the complete and the only way to know God. He is God’s Son who became a man, died to take away God’s wrath at human sin, and was raised from the dead by God to be Lord over the whole world forever.

Like Christians through all the centuries, we hold that the Bible is God’s Word, given by the Holy Spirit and used by him to teach and change us. Carefully listening to the Bible is a major part of what we do as a church.

Church family…
Reformed Church Tshwane aims to be a place where we have the kind of healthy relationships that are only made possible by Jesus through his Holy Spirit. For us the Sunday worship service is our ‘main event’. Here we learn about Jesus Christ and what it means to live to the honour and glory of God. Anyone is welcome at our services, whether you are a Christian or not. 

At Reformed Church Tshwane, we want to be a truly catholic** church where we are united by our faith in Jesus Christ, our desire to listen to God’s Word and our call to serve one another. Everyone who has been redeemed by the blood of Christ and sanctified by the Holy Spirit, no matter what their cultural heritage, language or background, is welcome in our church family.

* Sacraments: Christ has given two sacraments to his church: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

** The word ‘catholic’ means universal. When we use this word, we are referring to the true Christian church of all times and places, and not the Roman Church.