Recent sermons

The LORD determines justice

February 28, 2021

Theme: The LORD God is Almighty and you will meet with Him, prepare to meet your God
Theme: The LORD speaks through his prophets, he will punish sin; don't trust in privilege

The LORD is perfectly just

February 7, 2021
Theme: The LORD is patient yet he will not revoke punishment, there is no salvation where there is no repentance and faith

The LORD roars from Zion

January 31, 2021
Theme: The LORD speaks to his people, he judges those who ignore him; listen to his roar Video Link

Wisdom and community

January 24, 2021
Theme: God grants wisdom through his Word in the context of loving community
Theme: God reveals Himself to us in His sovereignty as the one and only true God who saves, so that we may worship Him and praise Him.
Theme: The LORD, Creator of heaven and earth, watches over us; let us therefore put our trust in Him.
Theme: The everlasting God satisfies his people and works through them to accomplish his purposes

The Word reveals the Father

December 27, 2020
Theme: The Word reveals the Father for who he is – full of grace and truth
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