Recent sermons

A song for the kingdom

April 18, 2021
Theme: God judges with righteousness to stop and punish evil, pray and leave vengeance in God’s hands
Theme: Christ calls deacons to organise works of service so that his Word can spread (P.S. The sermon length is 30 mins and not 49 mins)
Theme: Jesus Christ is ascending to his Father and your Father, do not cling to him as if his earthly ministry is incomplete
Theme: Through judgement the LORD will bring about a perfect world ruled by his perfect King; do not set your hope on the things of this world
Theme: The LORD's patience will come to an end, seek him and live
Theme: The LORD is patient and just; listen to his prophet, listen to his Word

The LORD hates the proud

March 7, 2021
Theme: The LORD of hosts hates the proud and judges the wicked, let justice and righteousness prosper

The LORD determines justice

February 28, 2021

Theme: The LORD God is Almighty and you will meet with Him, prepare to meet your God
Theme: The LORD speaks through his prophets, he will punish sin; don't trust in privilege
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