Recent sermons

The wood of the vine

May 8, 2022
Theme: The LORD sets his face against the fruitless vine; remain in Christ that you may bear fruit in keeping with your profession
Theme: The LORD, the judge of all the earth, will do what is right; embrace God’s promises for yourself

Idols in the heart

April 24, 2022
Theme: The LORD sets his face against the hypocrite; you cannot serve God and idols

False prophets condemned

April 17, 2022
Theme: The LORD will destroy those who exploit and mislead his people; watch out for ungodly offers of peace and control
Theme: The LORD keeps his word, he does what he says he will do; believe the promises God has made to you
Theme: The LORD who fills heaven and earth will dwell with his people, trust him with your future as you walk in his statutes

Idols in the temple court

March 20, 2022
Theme: The LORD sees all the deeds of man; trust him to know what is best
Theme: The LORD’s judgement is just, terrible and certain; live now in the light of the future
Theme: The LORD acts for the glory of his name, he does not speak in vain
Theme: The LORD is jealous for the love of his people, don’t presume on his grace
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