Elders and deacons

Below are some resources which are especially relevant to the work of elders and deacons.

Training office bearers to serve in Reformed churches

A study schedule for elders and deacons (basic officer training)
Called to serve: Essays for elders and deacons (This book contains suggestions for a thorough introductory training course for elders and deacons)
A well-ordered church: Laying the foundation for a vibrant church (This book is an excellent introduction to what the Bible teaches about the church)
Faithful and fruitful: Essays for elders and deacons (This book contains additional essays that can be used for more ‘on the job’ training for elders and deacons)
Planting, Watering, Growing: Planting Confessionally Reformed Churches in the 21st Century (This book also contains chapters especially relevant in the context of new Reformed church plants)