March 19, 2023

God created the angels

Passage: Colossians 1:15-16; Hebrews 1:14; 1 John 3
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Theme: The LORD created angels to serve him and his people; do not be deceived by the lies of the Devil

Belgic Confession Article 12
We believe that the Father through the Word, that is, through his Son, has created out of nothing heaven and earth and all creatures, when it seemed good to him, and that he has given to every creature its being, shape, and form, and to each its specific task and function to serve its Creator. We believe that he also continues to sustain and govern them according to his eternal providence and by his infinite power in order to serve man, to the end that man may serve his God.

He also created the angels good, to be his messengers and to serve his elect. Some of these have fallen from the exalted position in which God created them into everlasting perdition, but the others have by the grace of God remained steadfast and continued in their first state. The devils and evil spirits are so depraved that they are enemies of God and of all that is good. With all their might, they lie in wait like murderers to ruin the church and all its members and to destroy everything by their wicked devices. They are therefore by their own wickedness sentenced to eternal damnation and daily expect their horrible torments.

Therefore we detest and reject the error of the Sadducees, who deny that there are any spirits and angels; and also the error of the Manichees, who say that the devils were not created, but have their origin of themselves, and that without having become corrupted, they are wicked by their own nature.

C Bouwman, The Spirits of the Air: Of Angels & Demons
God has given to angels their specific being, shape, and form to carry out the works of service assigned to them, God did not give to angels bodies of flesh and blood; God made them instead as "spirits" (cf Hebrews 1:14). These heavenly spirits have knowledge of God and can think (cf 1 Peter 1:12; Ephesians 3:10). It is this knowledge of God and their ability to think that the angels use to respond to God's ac­tions with songs and words of praise (cf Job 38:7; Luke 2:13f; 1 Corinthians 13:1; Revelation 5:11ff). An­gels were initially created in great numbers (Psalm 148:2) and that number has not grown since through procreation (Matthew 22:30). As such, angels know no family allegiances; they can concentrate with undivided attention on the tasks for which they exist (cf 1 Corinthians 7:32). There appear to be various classes of angels; beside "regular" angels, Scriptures speak of cherubs (Genesis 3:24; 1 Kings 6:24; Ezekiel 10:3) and serafs (Isaiah 6:2), as well as of archangels (Jude 9). -