January 16, 2022

The LORD teaches sinners how to live

Passage: Psalm 25
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Theme: The LORD is good and just, he teaches sinners the way they should go

Psalm 25: The A-Z for 2022? What do you need for 2022?

There are many books or manuals available that present themselves as the A-Z on the topic- everything you need to know is covered herein. Can Psalm 25 be the A-Z for us for the Lord's guidance in 2022? Literally, the psalm was written in the “A-Z” of the Hebrew alphabet, so that the contents of the psalm can be easily remembered. But what does the content of Psalm 25 teach us?

1. Seek the guidance of the Lord in 2022
Like David, we must yearn for the Lord in all times and circumstances and seek the Lord's guidance. As a Christian, you are particularly focused on not only knowing God, but also knowing and wanting to follow his word and truth.

2. The Lord teaches sinners the way!
We are very nicely reminded of the gospel message: Is it the Lord who shows sinners the way? Why? Not because sinners deserve salvation, but because the Lord is good and just. Through Jesus Christ we as sinners get the victory!

3. Live on the paths of the Lord in 2022.
How are we going to live in 2022? Are we just continuing as we did in 2021? Or are we going to repent and turn our eyes to the Lord? Seek the Lord and live on the path of the Lord. All the paths of the Lord are faithful love and truth to those who keep his covenant and his provisions.