July 26, 2020

The LORD is faithful to his promises (2)

Passage: Deuteronomy 11:26-32; 27:12-14; Joshua 8
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Theme: The LORD is faithful to his promises, he destroys his enemies and he blesses his people; do not neglect the assembly

The covenant of grace, the covenant with Moses and the new covenant
Historically Reformed Christians have understood that there is one covenant in which the benefits of redemption are communicated to God’s people, the covenant of grace. In this covenant, God graciously promises forgiveness of sins and eternal life to a people who do not deserve it. This covenant was first made in a ‘seed form’ to Adam and Eve following their sin in the Garden (Genesis 3:15). It was then expanded into detail to Abraham in Genesis 15 and continues throughout time until the consummation. Anyone who has or ever will be saved in any period of history (Mosaic covenant or New Covenant) is a member of this one covenant of grace. Through faith, all believers are incorporated into the promises which God made to Abraham (Galatians 3:29). The picture below is a helpful illustration of this understanding.