Sunday worship at Reformed Church Tshwane

The weekly public worship service is the most important activity in the Christian life. It is our regular meeting as church of Christ with God. During public worship, God speaks to us in his Word and sacraments, and we respond in prayer, confession, and song. The Lord stoops down to feed our hearts, to strengthen our faith, and to build us up as the body of Christ. When we come to worship, we come ready to hear, ready to receive, and ready to please him.

Nowadays, worship services are often more about pleasing ourselves than pleasing God. Churches have stages for performances, they no longer have pulpits for preaching. In many churches, it has become common for worship services to focus on entertaining the audience, looking more like music concerts and motivational seminars than the holy worship of God who has revealed himself in Scripture.

In contrast to worship that is focused on entertaining people, the Bible commands us to “offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe, for our God is a consuming fire” (Heb 12.28-29).

If you join us on a Sunday morning at RC Tshwane, you will not find the latest big thing in evangelical worship. We do not have a rock band (we have a piano), we do not have special effects or hip pastors telling funny stories. Instead you will find reverent and joyful worship of the living God. Worship that follows a biblical and historical liturgy where God speaks to us through his blessing, the reading of his law, the proclamation of his Word and sacrament. We respond to God by confessing our sins, confessing our faith in God, singing psalms and through prayer.